Un erborista in cucina.

There are people, some whom I know, who find cooking a chore; it isn’t fun or rewarding at all for them, it simply must be done in order to put food on the table.

I would describe myself as being the polar opposite of that, I find cooking enormously fun. I can’t help but smile with glee watching an apple pie in the oven as it bakes with its fruit imploding slowly, without a sound, unto itself, while the dough takes on the biscuit-like gleaming hues of sweet auburn and gold. Egg whites whisked to a stiff froth, a fresh batch of finely chopped vegetables for a new twist on lasagne, a blank canvas of home-made pizza dough, kneaded and risen to perfection.

To me, cooking is pure creativity and joy. These days, thanks to the constant supply of cooking blogs, TV shows and magazines, I am truly spoiled for inspiration.

I got my diploma as a herbalist 30 (ouch!) years ago. When my son was born, I was lucky to be able to stop working and concentrate on being a mom. It was at times challenging, but at every turn a fantastic experience, filled with wonderful and happy memories.

As I write this, the once-little offspring has long fled the nest, leaving me with plenty of free time. Which brings me to the how and why I came to create this space: to write and tell you about what I’m cooking and who with, about my life, my family and friends, and about my dog who, a little perplexed, watches over all of this with great interest.

Fred, my sous-chef!

I like the idea of sharing what I have learned about cooking, creating a “public” Book of Recipes, as well as a resource for healthy teas and infusions. I hope those who might want to try to do more than just “put food on the table” will get something useful out of this website, as well as giving a few new ideas to anyone who already has a passion for cooking, or simply suggest a few healthy alternatives to standard pharmaceutical remedies.

It will certainly be worthwhile and interesting for me to put all my recipes, and my thoughts, into some kind of order. I feel thankful for anyone who might read a few of my words in passing, as well as anybody who might take the time to try one of my recipes. Cooking can be hugely rewarding, even when things go horribly wrong!

Anyway, hot relaxing infusion in hand, let’s start sifting trough the chaos of my notes.

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